Voices for Victory is a bi-monthly series at The Victory Theatre Center that gives a stage to up-and-coming playwrights from the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities. 

Voices for Victory will feature high quality, full length pieces, written for the theater.  The pieces will be presented in productions that range from very polished readings to fully blocked performances.  There will not be sets built, or costumes sewn.  These will not be full productions, but they will not be workshops.  We will present pieces that we feel are ready, or very close to ready for production, and we want to show them in a way that demonstrates as much.  This series is an opportunity to show theater audiences and the theater community at large the quality of work that exists from BIPOC writers.

Red Ribbons by Marlow Wyatt

Watch it in-person at the theatre or stream it live via zoom!


Lorenz Arnell, Geri-Nikole Love, Aixa Clemente, Prisca Kim, Hannah Trujillo, Mykee Selkin, Tracey A. Leigh, Herb Hall, Alexis Genya, Bernadette Speakes, Tamika Katon-Donegal
Directed by: Aaron Braxton


Navigating between the harshness of the inner-city and a bucolic summer camp, Red Ribbons is a multi-ethnic, mixed-media arts drama that captures the healing bond of two strangers coping with the emotional trauma of a forgotten endemic.


If you are a playwright from one of the BIPOC communities (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) with at least one feature length play, and you would like for your work to be part of our Voices for Victory, we want to hear from you!

UPDATE: Thank you to those who submitted for this season.  We received a lot of wonderful pieces, and we are enjoying reading through them all.  If you are interested in submitting for next season, submissions will be open again soon.  Bookmark this page!



Rashim Cannad is the producer of Voices for Victory. He is also one of the producers for the storytelling show, BackStory, at The Victory Theatre Center. Rashim is an award winning screenwriter and independent filmmaker who was raised in a tough neighborhood in inner-city Philadelphia. He has written a number of scripts for stage and screen. A member of Mensa, Rashim uses his rare combination of talents and experiences to help bring a new and thoughtful perspective to his writing.

The series is co-produced by Laurie O'Brien, Adele Slaughter and Carl Weintraub and is held bi-monthly every 3rd Sunday.